About Geoff Mackay

Who is Geoff Mackay? Great question… well at least I think it is :-)

Here’s the answer…

I am a traveler (When the budget allows).

I am an adventurer (Self proclaimed).

I am an avid reader (Science fiction and non-fiction).

I enjoy fine wines (New world).

I like a cold beer (Belgium preferably).

I am a snowboarder (When it snows).

I am a cyclist (I think I’m fast).

I am older than 20 and younger that 60.

I am taller than a short person and shorter than a tall person.

I am single (For the time being).

I like to laugh (Typically at myself).

I hate reality TV (Dancing With The Stars… seriously though?)

I love “The Office” (The British Version)

I am Scottish (In case ‘Geoff Mackay” did not give it away)

I live in the Chicago (Probably not the only ‘Geoff Mackay’ either)

I love big cities (Or hot and tropical ones)

So there it is. A little about Geoff Mackay (that’s me!)

So thanks for visiting my blog! If you see something you like, leave a comment! I would love to hear from you.

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