Worst TV Show on TV by Geoff Mackay – Billy the Exterminator

by Geoff Mackay on October 21, 2010

I love creepy crawly things and I thought A&E would put on a great show highlighting bug extermination.

Billy the Exterminator

Billy the Exterminator

A&E has been known to have great shows with great detail and storytelling. But for some reason A&E has gone low brow these days with some of the worst shows on TV. I think the company is trying to compete for the trailer park crowd.

The worst show on the network (beside Steven Segal Lawman) is Billy the Exterminator. The show is centered on a bunch of red necks with mullets trying to catch vermin.

The star of the show is Billy Bretherton. He seems to know nothing about extermination. IN every episode I have seen he puts out rat or mouse traps or using bug spray. Anyone can do this and he does not that no ordinary person would do to get rid of their pest problem.  

I have seen about 4 episodes and in every show he gets bitten or stung by something. Normally I love to see trailer trash get hurt but he is suppose to be a professional.

Bretherton seems to know nothing about bug extermination and is just trying to get him and his red neck family out of the trailer park. Until Billy can actually do his job, watch something else

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