Geoff Mackay’s Best TV Shows in the Last Decade

by Geoff Mackay on October 5, 2010

Geoff Mackay’s Best TV shows in the last Decade



Hi my name is Geoff Mackay and I have been an avid TV buff for some time now. I have been searching the Internet and wonder why some shows are so popular. Though I do like the show Mad Men I fail to see why it has been the best show on TV of the past 3 years. Also I like 24 but come on how many times can there be a mole or spy at CTU.

So I am going to name my favorite shows currently on TV or within the past decade.

In no particular order here are Geoff Mackay’s Best TV shows in the last Decade

5) Breaking Bad – Now this show has great writing and drama. The characters and storyline are incredible. This is a much better AMC show than Mad Men. Bryan Cranston is an amazing actor and he makes the show. Cranston  is a struggling high school chemistry teacher, Walter White who is diagnosed with stage III lung cancer, and resorts to selling drugs, specifically methamphetamine to provide for his pregnant wife and disabled son.

The show is very compelling and there is enough action to go along with the great acting and drama.

4) Top Chef – In a world of reality shows that try to gain attention through people acting out and behaving badly Top Chef is a breath of fresh air.

Top Chef is a cooking competition with very challenging test to see who the best chef is. The show does not try to play on the infighting and squabbling but on cooking skill. You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy this show and you start to become a foodie and perhaps gain some skills and more cultural refinement. The show is based on skill and if you have never watched Top Chef you have to check it out.

3) Big Bang Theory – In a world of mindless fart and sex innuendo Big Bang Theory is a nice change of pace. Don’t get me wrong there are fart and sex innuendo jokes but they are more refined.

The comedy show has great writing and a great point of view. The show’s writers have wittingly written nerdy pop culture references to make it fun. Who knew physics could be do funny.

Jim Parsons makes the show.

2) The Sopranos – Even off the air this show has to be considered as one of the best shows of all time. There is enough action, drama and might be the most important television series ever.

The show cemented HBO as a must-have pay channel. It cleverly fooled people into thinking that they were watching a violent story about the mob when they were really watching a married couple come undone as they dealt with each other and their extended families. The writing, acting and directing set a standard still trying to be matched everywhere on the small screen.

Even on A&E with all the nudity, violence and swearing taken out it is still a great show.

1) Lost – This show is a show you have to buy on DVD and watch back to back. The first episode grabs your attention and after that the twists and plots are so good you cannot wait till the next episode. The writers on the show are the best in the business and the main character and sub character plot lines are the best I have ever watched.

To me this show was the best show that kept my attention and kept me wanting more every week. After I watched an episode I would be sitting in my bed thinking of the twists and plots.

Now that is a show that grabs a hold of the audience and does not let go even after the last episode.

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