Cool Websites by Geoff Mackay –

by Geoff Mackay on October 8, 2010

Cool Websites by Geoff Mackay –

There are many cool website on the Internet these days. Conversely, there is much more crap on the Internet that good sites. The gap is widening every day, so I am going to start my cool website of the day blog

My first blog is a cool site I found. The site is called

This site tells you want the net worth of stars, rappers, celebrities, politicians and general news about finance and wealth of famous people.

Just input a name and it will give you what this famous person is worth

Here are some examples

  • Tom Cruise – 250 million dollars
  • Cameron Diaz – 75 million dollars
  • Justin Timberlake -70 million dollars
  • Lady Gaga – 40 million dollars
  • Stevie Wonder – 110 million dollars
  • Jay Z – 450 million dollars
  • Miley Cyrus – 50 million dollars
  • Billy Ray Cyrus -  150 million dollars
  • It is a cool and fun tool to use

    One thing that upset me was that Snookie from Jersey Shore was worth 300 thousand

    How can that little pylon be worth that much?

    Anyways go check out your favorite stars

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